Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

It can be very confusing to get clear answers about what health insurance and dental coverage cover, especially for procedures like dental implants. Patients often wonder, “Are dental implants covered by insurance?” The answer depends on your insurance plan and the dental implant treatment you received. 

Keep on reading to find out, “Are dental implants covered by insurance?”

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made up of biocompatible material like titanium. These artificial tooth roots or implants are placed surgically into the patient’s jawbone to support teeth replacement or dental bridges. These implants provide a strong base for fixed or replacement teeth to match your natural teeth.

The key components of Dental Implants are:

Implant Post:

It is a screw-like component that is inserted into the patient’s jawbone and replaces the root of a missing tooth.


It is a connector placed on top of an implant post to hold and support a crown or a bridge.


A dental crown is an artificial tooth placed in the abutment to make it look, feel, and work like a natural tooth.

Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Dental implants are long-lasting.
  • They provide full chewing power, unlike dentures.
  • They look and work more like natural teeth.
  • They preserve the jawbone and prevent bone loss that occurs due to missing teeth.
  • They need not be removed for cleaning and do not need adhesive.

Understanding Dental Insurance Coverage

Some insurance companies regard dental implants as a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical necessity and are reluctant to cover them. On the other hand, it is crucial for those with missing teeth to get them replaced by a dental procedure to ensure their overall health and well-being.

To secure coverage for dental implant procedures, you may need to use both medical and dental insurance policies, depending on why you need them. We advise you to take some time to review your insurance policy to check if it includes dental implants or not. You can also ask the insurance provider for the same so that there are no surprises when the treatment begins. 

You can ask the following questions to the insurance provider 

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

How much percentage of the cost does the insurance cover?

What is the annual out-of-pocket cost?

Do you need a referral before a dental implant procedure?

The staff at your dental office will be willing to speak with the insurance provider to check if dental implants are covered by insurance.

Are Dental Implants covered by my Insurance?

Are dental implants covered by insurance? To answer the question, let us first understand the different parts of the treatment and how much preparation is required for the implant procedure.

The amount of this dental procedure also depends on whether you are receiving a full restorative arch or replacing one or more lost teeth. 

Tooth Extraction

This procedure depends on whether you are missing a tooth or have damaged or broken teeth that need to be extracted. If you have a damaged tooth, the tooth extraction will also be included in the dental implant treatment. Most insurance companies cover the full or at least half of the cost of tooth extraction.

Bone Grafting

Some patients require bone grafting to reinforce their jawbone before the dental implant procedure to make sure the implant is stable and secure. Although it is an important step before the actual procedure, the cost is not included in the insurance plan. 

Implant Placement

Placing the dental implant is a “major” procedure, as the insurance companies call it. This is not because of the intensity of the treatment but because of the huge cost. Some insurance companies may make 50% or less of the major procedure.

Artificial Tooth Placement

The artificial tooth placement is the placement of the “dental crown.” The dental crown provides the appearance and functionality of the natural tooth. Some insurance plans consider it as crowning a tooth decay and cover most of the cost. 


Are dental implants covered by insurance? Whether dental implants are covered by insurance or not depends on your insurance policy and why you need them in the first place. It is best to review your insurance policy, and if there is anything unclear, discuss it with the insurance provider. Dental implants are a huge investment in your oral health, and understanding your insurance options will make it more manageable.

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Dental implant coverage depends on the type of insurance plan you have. Some plans may cover some of the cost of the procedure if they think it is medically necessary, while others may not.

Medical insurance may cover dental implants if the procedure is a medical condition or injury. You must review your medical insurance policy or consult with the insurance provider to check if you qualify for the coverage,

If your insurance doesn’t cover dental implants, you should discuss the payment plans and financing options with your dental office. Some offices offer flexible payment solutions to manage the cost of implants.

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